Build 2022: Microsoft has announced a number of improvements for the Edge browser

Microsoft announced several improvements to its Chromium-based Edge browser at Build 2022. In particular, the company continues to work on PWA technology on Windows, develops new features for Edge DevTools, and makes WebView2 available for UWP apps (WinUI 2). But first things first.

First, let’s talk about improvements for PWA applications. In the near future, the company will activate new APIs that will allow PWA to handle the default protocols in Windows, which means these applications will be able to open URLs and certain types of files. Also, PWA apps will support the native share window on Windows, and notifications will be sent on behalf of the app, not on behalf of Edge. Work continues on a system for synchronizing installed applications between devices.

To make it easier for developers to create and publish PWA apps in the Microsoft Store, the company has developed a basic PWA project, as well as new PWA Studio extension for Visual Studio Code.

The WebView2 component has been confirmed to be available for UWP (WinUI 2) applications in the coming months, providing better performance than the old EdgeHTML-based WebView.

And finally, the Microsoft Edge developers went away with user complaints that the current DevTools implementation looks too complicated and overloaded. The team is currently developing a new simplified user interface with a compact sidebar that can include any of the more than 30 tools available. You can try out the new DevTools design now by enabling the experimental “Focus Mode” feature in the developer tools themselves.

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