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Build 2022: Microsoft Introduces ARM Version of Visual Studio 2022 and ‘Project Volterra’ Mini PC

As part of the Build 2022 developer conference, Microsoft announced work on a native version of Visual Studio 2022 for the ARM64 platform, and also introduced a mini-PC codenamed Project Volterra. Visual Studio 2022 for ARM preview is reported to be released in the next few weeks, with a full release later this year along with ARM64 support for .NET.

Of course, devices such as the Surface Pro X could already run Visual Studio using x64 emulation, but some features were not supported in this mode of operation, and performance left much to be desired. That’s why Microsoft decided to create a “native toolchain for ARM”:

  • Full versions of Visual Studio 2022 and VS Code
  • Visual C++
  • Modern versions of .NET 6 and Java
  • Classic .NET Framework
  • Windows Terminal
  • WSL and WSA to run Linux and Android applications

Microsoft also entered into a new partnership with Qualcomm to create an ARM-based devkit. It is reported that Project Volterra is based on a Snapdragon processor and a neural processing unit (NPU), which will allow developers to create artificial intelligence-enabled cloud applications.

Project Volterra received a stackable design that allows you to install several computers at once, both on a table and in server racks. The exact characteristics of the device have not yet been disclosed, but it is known that three USB ports will be located on the back side, as well as one DisplayPort and Ethernet port each. On the side, there are two USB-C ports. The body of the device is made from recycled marine plastics.

“We want you to build AI-powered cloud applications,” said Panos Panay, head of Windows and Devices. “With native ARM64 support coming to Visual Studio, .NET, and Project Volterra before the end of the year, we’re releasing new tools to help you get started on that journey.”

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