Build 2022: Microsoft Store is now open for all Win32 apps

On the first day of the Build 2022 developer conference, Microsoft announced that from now on, everyone can add their own Win32 application to the Microsoft Store. Until now, such apps have been added to the store on a first-come, first-served basis, and approval has likely been manual.

Recall that the new Microsoft Store allows developers to publish unpackaged Win32 applications, including regular EXE and MSI files, to the store. Packaging in an application in MSIX or APPX is optional.

In addition, developers will soon be able to advertise their apps in the Microsoft Store using the Microsoft Advertising platform. Only registered developers with at least one published application will be able to publish advertisements.

Microsoft also said that users often search for certain applications using the Search pop-up window on the Windows 10 and Windows 11 taskbar. That is why the company decided to add a block from the Microsoft Store to the search results so that you can quickly jump to the installation of the one you are interested in applications.

By the way, if you set up a new smartphone running iOS or Android, then when you connect to your account, the system offers you to restore previously installed applications from a backup. The same feature will be coming to the Microsoft Store soon. Of course, only those applications that are distributed through the store will be restored. For example, Google Chrome will not be automatically installed, since it is not available in the Microsoft store.

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