Business Insider Shares New Details About HoloLens 3 and Microsoft-Samsung Partnership

US edition of Business Insider published Learn more about the HoloLens 3 augmented reality headset. The article states that the device was developed under the code name Calypso but was discontinued in 2021. Employees who worked on the project were transferred to other teams or left Microsoft.

Sources of the publication claim that Calypso differed from its predecessor with a more durable design, increased battery life and the ability to use the headset outdoors. The reason for the cancellation of HoloLens 3 is Microsoft’s desire to use engineering resources for other projects, including work on Samsung’s AR headset, codenamed Bondi.

Business Insider reports that Microsoft is not working on a HoloLens 2 successor for both businesses and consumers. At the same time, work continues on a custom version of HoloLens for the US Army (codenamed Atlas), but ordinary customers, of course, will not be able to purchase this device.

The publication also talks about the future strategy of Microsoft in the field of augmented reality. Microsoft is reportedly partnering with Samsung to create a multi-screen headset that will work in conjunction with Samsung smartphones. This likely means that the headset will run Android and not Windows. The future of Windows in AR looks doubtful. It is worth noting that the role of Microsoft in the new partnership with Samsung is not yet clear.

Business Insider sources say Microsoft is considering a headset that would push the operating system and required data from the cloud directly to the device. However, this idea is at an early stage of development, so it may change significantly by the time of the public announcement if the project is not canceled.

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