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CES 2023: Intel Unveils 13th Gen Mobile Processors

At CES 2023 in Las Vegas, Intel announced its 13th Gen Intel Core mobile processor lineup. The HX series is designed for powerful enthusiast laptops, the H series is for powerful and thin laptops, the P series is for performance ultrabooks, and the U series is for budget ultrabooks. A total of 32 new processors are presented.

As expected, the 24-core Core i9-13980HX clocked at up to 5.6 GHz, which is perfect for powerful gaming laptops. It is worth noting that out of 24 cores, only eight are high-performance, while the rest are energy efficient.

Since Intel Raptor Lake-HX processors use the same chips as desktop models, they also support DDR5-5600/4800 memory and feature GT2-level integrated graphics with 32 EU. Power consumption in base mode is 55W and in turbo mode is 157W.

All 13th Gen Intel Raptor Lake-HX processors support overclocking in unlocked variants and XMP 3.0 profiles for overclocking RAM. In addition, support for PCIe Gen 5 (x16 / 2 × 8), two separate Thunderbolt 4 controllers and Intel Killer WIFI6E + BT-LE Audio is announced.

Intel claims that the Core i9-13980HX outperforms the Core i9-12900HK by 11% in single-threaded workloads and 49% in multi-threaded workloads. The advantage over the Ryzen 9 6900HX in multi-threaded mode is more than 50%

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