Chrome 90 lets you share links that lead you to a web page

Google’s Chrome 90 browser version, which has already reached other users and is in the process of reaching others, will find a new feature that will make it easier to share relevant information from the website. This feature is released on Chrome 90 but not all of them are standard, it seems they have found it by now, reports The Verge. The feature simply allows you to create a link in the website section you highlighted. This means that when a user clicks on that link, it will not only open a particular website but will also go to that highlighted section.

“Yesterday, I read a long article with an interesting data point that I wanted to share with my colleagues. Instead of copying the link from the address bar, I used Chrome’s new “link to highlight” feature by highlighting the text I wanted to share, by right-clicking, selecting “Copy link to highlight” and posting the link. When my co-worker opened the link, he saw exactly the part of the text I wanted him to see, ”said Kayce Hawkins, Product Manager at Google Chrome, in a blog post.

Once a highlighted text has been created, you can find it by looking at the hashtag (#) generated at the end of the URL.

Hawkins added that this feature is currently being released in the Chrome desktop version but will also be available for Android and iOS in the future.

This is one of the few features that Google unveils in Chrome 90. It also features some new PDF features, the ability to mute notifications when you launch and most importantly – to improve Chrome performance so that the CPU load is minimal. This also means more battery life on the devices.

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