Chrome, Android allows user to preview the page before click

Google has released a new update for Chrome users that allows users to preview the page before opening it completely. Feature available in Chrome for Android.

According to 9to5Google, Google Chrome now displays the “Preview page” option as part of the context menu, which appears when users long-press a link. The option appears between the standard “open in incognito mode” address and the “link copy” address. The preview page, as the name implies, reflects the preview of the web page. Users can’t expand it continuously, however.

There is a top bar and it displays the web page name, domain, and favicon. The Dedicated button is also available to open the page as a new tab. Once you’ve learned the preview, you can close it by tapping the “x” button in the top right corner. You can also swipe down the drag tab when selecting touch controls.

Feature available with the latest Chrome (version 89) on Android. According to the report, the feature has been enabled for server-side updates.

That said, Google has been active in the preview of the page for over two years. Back in 2018, XDA developers saw indicators of “sliding” options in the pop-up menu in the browser. The feature, however, has not started yet. No name for when the iOS version of the app will receive this feature.

The new Chrome feature can be incredibly useful for users as it gives them the opportunity to quickly scan the page without having to associate it with a tab. Also, users learn to preview within search results instead of switching to another tab or window altogether. It is unclear how it will affect web publishers.

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