Companies must prepare for more Russian cyber activity experts warn

Companies have to prepare for a lot of Russian cyber operations, experts warn

U.S. companies should prepare for a cyber retreat as President Biden imposes sanctions on Russia for its ongoing violence in Ukraine, experts say.

On Tuesday afternoon, President Biden said his superiors would impose sanctions on Russia’s two financial institutions, its private sector and the elite in response to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s military actions in the eastern region of Donbas, Ukraine.

Speaking at the Wall Street Journal’s virtual CIO Network Summit on Tuesday, Rep. Jim Langevin (D., RI), a senior member of the House Armed Services Committee, said he was taking “every hand on the road” to prepare himself. possible cyber retaliation against the US

“We have to be realistic and understand that as we impose sanctions – we take action – there may be a setback here,” Rep said. Langevin.

In preparation for a possible cyberattacks attack, Rep. Langevin said, “Private companies also have a role to play.” He said they should use testing processes to back up and restore data, initiate multiple authentication on devices connected to their networks, to ensure the software is in use. the latest and most commonly known risk amendments.

Theresa Payton, founder and CEO of Fortalice Solutions and former White House CIO under President George W. Bush, said companies should consider locking accounts after two or three failed login attempts.

“In challenging times like this, Russian workers can use attacks by spraying passwords, re-using passwords from passwords [and] using artificial intelligence” to access corporate networks, “Payton said at the CIO Network Summit.

The Cyberattas attack against Ukraine is part of a hybrid warfare strategy that Russia has taken to undermine the neighboring country. These attacks include the threat of fake bombs and a ban on the proliferation of attacks on Ukrainian banks.

Sandra Joyce, senior vice president and head of global intelligence at the online security company Mandiant Inc., speaking at the CIO Network Summit, said the attack was worrying because the White House had blamed it for GRU, Russia’s military intelligence service.

“This is a group with a long history of highly disruptive actions,” said Ms Joyce, including the 2017 NotPetya attack.

Mandiant is currently assisting Wall Street Journal parent company NewsCorp to investigate a recent cyberattack attack.

Rep. Langevin noted that there are also Russian ransomware non-governmental organizations working on the understanding that the Russian government will look the other way as “making Putin’s request.”

A number of computer crimes in recent years have been linked to Russian corporations, including the attack on the Colonial Pipeline Co. in the spring of 2021 which led to the closure of a major oil pipeline in the U.S. East Coast for many days.

Rep. Langevin said he commended Biden’s management of the Ukrainian situation. He also said that if a government-sponsored internet attack caused significant damage to our economy or loss of life, “we also have military options on the table,” adding that those options remain a last resort.

Ms Joyce said “I agree that we need to think about military options in the end but they are on the table.”

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