Consumption of info security in India grew by 9.5% in 2021

Bengaluru: The rapid adoption of the cloud has led to an increase in business information security and disaster risk management for end-user users in India which is expected to increase 9.5% annually to $ 2.08 billion by 2021, according to a recent forecast from research firm Gartner.

“Overnight long-distance work in the fight against the epidemic has exposed the dangers of organizations,” said Prateek Bhajanka, senior analyst at Gartner research. “While security leaders should have reduced their spending on security by 2020 due to declining IT budgets, by 2021, the trend is slowing down. The digital security environment is now the basis for organizational growth and preparing for another possible crisis. and renewed. ”

By 2021, organizations are expected to increase their funding for all aspects of disaster risk management and control, analysts said at the ongoing Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit India, which began about Wednesday.

In a continuation of the trend since last year, Gartner predicts that cloud security and integrated disaster management will face the highest growth rates by 2021, up 251% and 27.8% respectively.

“India is in the early stages of cloud adoption and the epidemic has accelerated this transition as organizations have moved into the cloud to achieve cost-effectiveness and business continuity,” Bhajanka said. “By 2020, drug dealers, such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud have increased their investment in data centres in India, and continue to encourage the movement of Indian organizations to blur during the epidemic.”

Information security officers (CISOs) are aware of the risks and vulnerabilities their organizations may be exposed to as they migrate to the cloud from legacy systems. To manage these risks, organizations are increasing their investment in the use of cloud security tools, driving the market up by 251.1% by 2021. Cloud-based security vendors (CASB) and cloud computing platform (CWPP) will be some of the major technologies that Indian CISOs will increase their spending within the 2021 cloud security segment.

In addition, Indian CISOs and security leaders will focus on establishing and implementing threat and response systems, as well as end-to-end (EDR) systems, and move to cloud-based security capabilities so that they can be consistently secure whether working in an office, home or off-site.

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