Twitter closed caption toggle lets you choose whether you want to see written descriptions. (REUTERS)

Converting Twitter captions is now available for iOS, Android users

Modifying closed Twitter captions will now enable iOS and Android users to see written captions while playing video in the app. “The choice is now yours: converting closed captions are now available to everyone on iOS and Android!

A small blogging site recently announced that its video caption conversion caption button is now available to everyone on iOS and Android, reports The Verge.

The button, which appears in the upper right corner of the video when it has available captions, lets you choose whether you want to see the captioned text.

Last April, Twitter confirmed that it had started testing the ‘CC’ button to provide text captions for each video posted on the platform, but it was only available to a limited number of iPhone users.

Twitter has released many more updates on the platform this year. The social media platform has released a new update that has made it easier for users to report potentially harmful tweets. In this regard, Twitter has provided an update on tweet alerts for sensitive videos and photos to make consumers feel more comfortable and secure.

Until recently, Twitter supported CEA style captions with a limited amount enabled when a user opened closed captions with accessibility settings on their Android or iOS devices.

If the video you are watching has subtitles, you will be able to see it on iOS and Android when your device’s audio is turned off, or on the web by clicking “cc” to convert. By default, subtitles will hide when the video is expanded, as this action allows audio playback.

How does the subtitle .SRT work?

  • Click the video inside your Media Studio library.
  • Select the “Subtitles” tab in the pop-up window.
  • Select the text language for your subtitle file from the drop-down menu.
  • Click the “Upload” button and select the sidecar .SRT file on your local computer.
  • The file is now associated with your video. To update a file, click the Pencil icon.

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