Corona tracking for Apple is now available

In the month of June apple came up with a new tracker for coronavirus. It was made in the first month of June in Germany. The company emphasizes the high importance of the user’s privacy, which has been taken into account in the development of the framework. In order to ensure maximum transparency, the source code, including various documentation and specifications, will now be released for Download. Documentation and specifications

Corona tracking for Apple is now available

Apple divides the Framework information on the corresponding into three sections. Under” Framework Reference”, developers and users receive information on how ExposureNotification can best be integrated into the Corona App of the respective country.

In addition, there are the specifications of the framework, which the company also lists on its own page. In addition, Apple offers a FAQ section with answers to various questions regarding the API and Contact Tracing in general. Apple also addresses the cooperation with Google with regard to the Framework and the data protection aspects of the underlying technology.

Download as a ZIP file
The actual “Source Code” has been added . Users receive a ZIP file, the Download of which must first be accepted with the consent of the “Exposure Notification Sample Code License Agreement”. The ZIP file distributes the Source Code over various folders, so that it is immediately visible, for example, which Code is used with regard to Bluetooth use. In addition, there are other segments, such as “Cryptography”.

Google has also released the source code for the Android variant of the exposure Notification API for viewing. Google’s source code has an open Source license Apache 2.0.

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