Crash Bandicoot: On Run is available on iOS and Android


Crash Bandicoot: On the Run introduced on Android and iOS platforms. The launch was scheduled for March 25 but was found to be downloadable on both platforms the day before. The game was developed by King, the same company that developed the most popular mobile game Candy Crush.

The announcement of the launch came earlier this month. Those who have previously registered to download the free game will get Blue Hyena skin. Crash Bandicoot is 143MB in size in Google Play Store and 250.1 MB in Apple App Store. The game is free to download, but includes in-app purchases. The game has already passed one million downloads on the Google Play Store already with excellent updates.

Players will need an internet connection to play this game. Apart from Crash, players can choose to play like their sister Coco. The game allows you to jump, spin and hit through levels on mysterious islands that have won Dr. Neo Cortex henchmen. Players can join multiplayer runs with their friends and see their names on the leaderboards, winning trophies.

As the game progresses to the level of management, Crash and Coco will develop weapons that will take them including serums, grenades, Ray Gun and Bazooka. The game will bring back the familiar regions from the first game including Temple Ruins, Turtle Woods, Bear It.

Here is the launch trailer and game

The endless gaming theme was first introduced in 1996 on the PlayStation platform. Twenty years ago, the game was available on other platforms. The latest version of the series, Crash Bandicoot: It’s About Time was launched in October 2020.


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