Missed full moon last month? You have another chance today - Details here

Did you miss last month’s full moon? Today is your next chance – details here

Did you miss last month’s supermoon? No need to worry, you have another chance as today (July 13, 2022) will see the full moon again. The full moon on July 13 is known as the “Buck moon,” a reference to the time of year when male deer, or bucks, grow new antlers. On the night of July 13, the supermoon will be visible around 2:38 PM EDT (0:08 AM IST, Thursday). The supermoon of June 14 was called the “Strawberry Moon” because it occurred during the strawberry harvest season.

The Moon’s path will bring it closer to Earth this time than usual. This cosmic combination is known as a supermoon and can make the moon appear slightly larger and brighter, depending on the weather.

A supermoon is a treat for sky watchers and photographers as it offers a spectacular opportunity to witness celestial events.

Full Moon 2022: Will the supermoon be visible in India today?

Yes, the supermoon will be visible in India. Sky watchers can watch it on July 14 at around 00:08. Due to Aphelion (the point in the Earth’s orbit that is furthest from the Sun), this time the supermoon happens around the same time that the Sun is furthest from the planet.

The supermoon’s tidal effects on Earth could result in a wide range of high and low ocean tides. Astronomers predict that coastal storms at sea will worsen coastal flooding at this time. The moon will most likely be full for three days, between early Tuesday and Friday morning.


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