Digital Marketing and other free courses online

If you want to start learning but you arent get the website wherein you can earn and learn digital marketing:

Digital Marketing and other free courses online

1) Google Skillshop and learn digital:
Like google has n number of product out of which is skill shop wherein you could learn from here, how digital marketing works and get certified after completing the stipulated time given by google to each course, then give an exam and get a certificate which expires every year. They have come up so this because they wanted people o be updated with the new techniques in digital marketing so that they can meet the requirements of the market they are broaching upon.


The step is very simple just sign up and then opt-in with the best course according to you. You can showcase a certificate in your resume and profile, which will put weight in the carrier graph as you start becoming a marketable product to this market.
If you fail once they again reopen the link after 14 days, on some exams.

2) Hubspot:
Hubspot is a 2012 company and is also well renowned worldwide, it gives courses related to inbound marketing, sales, and customer service/success education. If you complete one course which also has many knowledgable topics you will get a certificate indicating that you have completed the course. They are too free and are also recognized worldwide.

Hope these might help to make your self a marketable product and these would be helpful as non of the study is waste as it can be used in some form or the other.

For bloggers, HubSpot even has come up with an affiliate program earn up to $1000, do

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