Disney CEO Bob Chapek lays out early plan for digital future in metaverse-like direction

Disney CEO Bob Chapek lays out an early blueprint for the digital future in a metaverse direction  

Entertainment and technology companies rushed to secure a position in the meta universe after the CEO of Meta Platforms Inc. Mark Zuckerberg announced his company’s plans to adopt the concept.

The Walt Disney Co. on Sunday outlined a plan for how the entertainment, theme park and consumer goods conglomerate will use technology to improve storytelling over the next 100 years.

Speaking to Reuters backstage at the company’s biannual D23 Expo fan gathering, CEO Bob Chapek took great pains to avoid what he called the “M-word” or metaversion, despite pushing the company in that direction last year.

Chapek described Disney’s vision for the meta-version as “next generation stories”. It wants to use data gathered from theme park visits and consumers’ streaming habits to deliver personalized entertainment experiences, including corporate studios Marvel and Lucasfilm.

“Disney is absolutely a lifestyle,” he told Reuters on Sunday in an interview at a convention in Anaheim, California. “The question is how our next-generation storytelling takes what we know about the guest uniquely in this Disney lifestyle and then delivers unique experiences.”

Entertainment and technology companies rushed to secure a position in the meta universe after the CEO of Meta Platforms Inc. Mark Zuckerberg has announced that his company’s future will be devoted to creating a robust, three-dimensional, persistent environment where users’ digital avatars would work and socialize. and pursue your hobbies.

Well ahead of the company’s announcement, Meta Chapek, who oversaw the parks division before taking the top job in 2020, spent years preparing to expand the theme park experience for people who never visit any of the company’s six theme parks around the world.

Disney began laying the groundwork in earnest last year to explore new forms of storytelling when it appointed veteran media and technology executive Mike White to oversee a newly created next-generation storytelling and consumer experience unit.

White was tasked with building a technology toolkit for Disney’s creative executives to use.

He was also involved in brainstorming ideas for the use of augmented reality and other technologies that would bring a new dimension to storytelling. Chapek cited one early example — an eight-minute augmented reality film that premiered this week on Disney+.

“That could be a really big catalyst for what comes out there and, you know, five to 10 years from now,” Chapek said.


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