Dropbox will release its password manager to users in April

In July last year, Dropbox added a few features to its document and file upload service such as being able to scan images as a document (such as CamScanner’s now restricted program) and the ability to send files to other users such as Transfer. The company also introduced the password manager service for paid users of Plus and Professional programs, which they now plan to unlock for all users.

Dropbox password type “Limited”, the company’s password management service will be available to all users in April, the company announced on its blog. This means that the company is outsourcing its password service to users with a limited free range that comes with 2GB of storage but can be expanded through transfers.

However, like all free apps on the web, there are some restrictions on this service and it is related to sharing and syncing passwords on the service. First, you will not be able to store more than 50 passwords at a time, a limit that does not apply to Dropbox Plus users and professionals.

Similarly, Dropbox passwords allow users to sync their passwords between mobiles and computers, but the free version will be limited to three devices. Unlike LastPass’ new mobile or computer restriction, however, you can choose to use a combination of mobile and computer devices. This is also much better than services like Roboform Free that keep you limited to one device without syncing.

Lastly, the company also claims to be able to securely share your passwords with other users, but that feature will come “soon”. If you want to view a limited number of Dropbox passwords without a Plus or Professional account, you can sign up for the company’s official waiting list and you will be notified when to start using the app.

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