Erbium malware

Erbium is a malware that steals credit card details, passwords and hacks cryptocurrency wallets  

A new malware called Erbium has been wreaking havoc on the internet in recent months. Currently distributed with cracks and cheats for popular video games, the malware steals credit card information and passwords and hacks cryptocurrency wallets.

Interestingly, Embrium is Malware-as-a-Service (MaaS), which means that anyone with enough money can access it. Erbium is gaining huge popularity in the cyber crime industry due to its affordable prices, frequent updates and extensive features. It even comes with ‘customer support’.

Initially, one could buy a subscription to Erbium for as little as $9 per week, but due to its increased popularity, it now costs somewhere around $100 per month. Alternatively, interested parties can opt for a $1,000 license that lasts for one year.

The malware has been appearing on some Russian forums since July of this year, but researchers still don’t know when it was first deployed. Looking at RedLine thieves, Erbium costs one-third the price of the former, making it the preferred tool for threat actors.

Similar to other information-stealing malware, Erbium focuses on acquiring user data stored in Chromium- and Gecko-based web browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox. The malware steals information such as passwords, cookies, autofill information, and credit cards. In addition to the details mentioned above, Erbium also tries to steal data from cryptocurrency wallets installed as browser extensions.

Some cold desktop wallets like Exodus, Ethereum, Litecoin-Core, Monero-Core, Bytecoin are also affected. Erbium also steals two-factor authentication codes from apps like Trezor Password Manager, Authenticator 2FA, and Authy 2FA. In addition, it can also take screenshots of all monitors, steal telegram authentication files and even collect your Steam and Discord tokens.

Once the malware has stolen all the data, it is transferred using a built-in API system, where operators have an overview of what information is stolen from which system in Erbium’s Dashboard.

A report by BleepingComputer suggests that the malware has already spread to countries like the US, France, Spain, Italy, Vietnam, Malaysia, Colombia and even India. Right now, Erbium is usually integrated with game cracks, but it could soon expand through other delivery methods. We recommend users to avoid downloading crack files or cracked software and install a good antivirus solution and update the system with the latest security patches.


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