Excitel offers a 100 Mbps broadband system of Rs 399 p.m

Excitel offers a 100Mbps broadband system for Rs 399 a month and a 200Mbps broadband system, which will cost Rs 449. The company will not charge extra for installation, but there is a security deposit of Rs 2,000 if you deal with the devices we provide to customers. Read on to find out more about the broadband programs offered by Excitel.

Excitel 100Mbps broadband system

The 100Mbps broadband system from Excitel will cost only Rs 399 if you purchase the 12-month plan. The total user cost will be Rs 4,788 (excluding 18% GST). With this broadband program, you will receive unlimited data without FUP limit.

If you want to buy a 100Mbps broadband system per month, it will cost Rs 699 per month (excluding GST). If you choose a three-month plan for 100Mbps, you will have to pay Rs 565 a month, which means you will have to spend about Rs 1,695 (special GST) for three months.

There is also a nine-month plan (for new users only), which costs Rs 424 per month, which means the total amount you will need to pay is Rs 5,088 (excluding 18% GST).

4 month plan (monthly cost Rs 408) 100Mbps broadband can be purchased for Rs 2,032 (excluding tax). The 6-month broadband plan sells for Rs 490 per month, which means a one-time payment of Rs 2,940 (excluding tax). The company recommends users get a dual-band Wi-Fi router when purchasing a fiber connection.

Excitel 200Mbps broadband system

The 200Mbps 1-month broadband plan will cost you Rs 799, while the three-month plan costs Rs 638. The cost of the four-month plan is Rs 572, and the Rs 547 6-month broadband plan . There is also a 9-month broadband and 12-month 200Mbps broadband, priced at Rs 471 and Rs 449 respectively. Remember you have to pay for nine and 12 months at the same time when you choose these plans to get the lowest price benefit.


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