Facebook Insta restrict Russian media ahead of likely EU ban

Facebook, Insta bans Russian media ahead of possible EU ban

Facebook, Instagram and TikTok have banned Russian state-run news channels ahead of a possible European Union ban, aimed at curbing propaganda during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The EU has announced the closure of Sunday, which countries are expected to sign tomorrow following a formal proposal. Currently, the owner of Facebook is Meta Platforms Inc. and TikTok owner Bytedance Ltd. they have already restricted access to the accounts held by Sputnik and Russia Today in the EU.

“We have received requests from many governments and the EU to take additional action against the Russian media,” Nick Clegg, president of Meta of International News, wrote on Twitter. we will be restricting access to RT and Sputnik across the EU at this time. We will continue to work closely with government on this issue. ”

Russia’s attack on Ukraine, which began on Thursday, has prompted a growing number of governments to ask major technology companies to reduce or restrict their services to Russia. Poland and the Baltic states called on Big Tech companies on Sunday to “participate” against Russia.

As government pressure grows, Twitter Inc. adds warning labels to links from the Russian media, while YouTube limits ads to content.

Microsoft has also said it will take steps to reduce users’ exposure to Russian propaganda, including MSN.com.

“We are removing RT news applications from our Windows application store and also lowering the search results for these sites on Bing so that they can return RT and Sputnik links only when the user intends to navigate through those pages,” the company said. from RT and Sputnik.

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