Facebook launches Holi-themed avatars, here’s how you can get them

In celebration of Holi on March 29, Facebook introduced avatars called Holi. Facebook said more than four million people in India had made more than 6.6 million posts in the past two weeks.

Facebook users can create Holi avatars from a smartphone app. These avatars can be created with the Facebook app, and the Messenger app as well. You can do this from the commenter compiler for two apps. In the comment bar, click the smiley button, then select the sticker tab. Here, you will find the “Create Your Avatar” option. You can also find an avatar creator in the Bookmarks section of the Facebook app.

You will need to provide access to your phone’s camera to create a Facebook photo. For starters, Facebook will show you a variety of skin tone options to choose from, and then you will have a set of different options to customize your hair, colors, eyes, mouth, face shape, complexion, eyebrows, and makeup. When you are done creating your avatar it will appear on the sticker section of the comments section.

Here you will find different types of your avatar, and you will also see Holi stickers. These attachments will appear in the sticker library when you post or comment on a Facebook post. You can also use it in Messenger.

More visible festival festivals include Holi-themed tools by Snapchats. Snapchat has added color stickers and augmented reality (AR) packages (including 3D Bitmojis), Snap Map features, filters, paint cameos and more. Pokemon Go also hosts a Holi event in India with colorful Pokemon, Holi-inspired T-shirts avatars and more.


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