Facebook now says that they will benefit from iOS 14 privacy

After months of public scrutiny of Apple’s planned changes to force companies and app developers to ask users to agree to follow them on all apps in iOS 14, Facebook manager Mark Zuckerberg has now claimed the communications company will benefit from the privacy change.


Participating in a room that uses Clubhouse’s popular voice chat system on Thursday night, Zuckerberg said Facebook would “be able to” handle “upcoming changes coming to the platform, according to a CNBC report. These are excellent statements about the changes in iOS, from the social media company and its CEO, who were reportedly preparing for Apple’s trial.

In what could be described as a complete U-turn, Zuckerberg also said the company could be “in a strong position” if Apple’s reforms forced more businesses to trade in the company’s forums, according to the report. By making it harder for them to use their data to find customers who might want to use their products without a platform, these companies could choose to use Facebook and its apps, the CEO said.

These statements are very different from what Zuckerberg had said in opposition to the Cupertino company’s decision to grant users permission before following them across all applications. Facebook has even put out full-page advertisements in newspapers such as the New York Times and has signaled its attacks on changes to be said to be detrimental to small businesses.

The new Facebook stores for their program and on Instagram were launched last year to compensate for offline purchases that nearly ended the novel coronavirus, a company that now claims to have reached one million, and more than 250 million consumers.


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