Facebook updates the feed, aiming for more user control

Facebook said on Wednesday it was reviving its methods to give people the power to control what they see on the social media network, without relying too much on algorithms.

The change enables users to control and prioritize what Facebook calls the “News Feed,” or the main visual element when people log on to Facebook.

This will allow people to see more of their friends and contacts, and enable users to turn off the Facebook algorithm completely and see the post sequence when they choose.

The move comes with Facebook, which is widely regarded for its contribution to the development of harmful content and false information, including its algorithms.

Revamp makes it possible for users to switch between feeds that are rated by algorithm and chronologically edited with brand new posts first.

“The purpose of News Feed is to connect you with what is most important to you: the people in your life, interesting content and the world around you,” Facebook said in a post.

One of the changes introduced gives users more power over who can comment on certain social posts and Facebook extensions “Why do I see this?” to better understand its positioning algorithm.

In a separate post, Facebook vice-president Nick Clegg defended the company’s use of algorithms, facing criticism such as disrespect and driving segregation.

Clegg said the algorithms are mostly user-driven.

“The personal ‘world’ of your News Feed is largely shaped by your choices and actions,” he wrote.

“This is the magic of communication, something that sets it apart from the old media genres. There is no editor that explains that the articles to be read on Facebook are the title of the first page.


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