While the financial services industry appears to be in the early phases of deployment the evolution to an interoperable multicloud IT infrastructure that spans a mix of private and public clouds is underway Photo iStock

Financial services companies may increase the availability of more cloud

Although financial services organizations have been delayed in receiving more clouds than any other tested industry, their acceptance is expected to nearly 56% from 26% over the next three years, according to the findings of Nutanix’s global 2022 Enterprise Cloud Index (ECI). ) research and research report, which measures business progress on cloud acquisition in the industry.

Among ECI financial services responders, 31% continue to use cloud-enabled three-phase data centers as their only IT infrastructure. They also report on the low distribution of all industries tested in public cloud use, with 59% not using public cloud services compared to 47% worldwide.

The complexity of cloud border management remains a major challenge for financial services organizations, with 84% of respondents agreeing that success requires easy management across all cloud infrastructure, and 50% citing security concerns as a challenge in a multi-cloud model. To address the high challenges associated with security, collaboration, and data integration, 82% agree that the integrated multi-cloud model, multi-cloud IT model for both private and public and interoperable, is appropriate.

“While the financial services industry appears to be in the early stages of deployment, the emergence of a multi-cloud IT infrastructure that combines a mix of private and public clouds continues,” said Anand Akela, vice president of Product and Solutions Marketing. Nutanix. “As information security and hard work remain at the forefront and center of financial services organizations, they should look to multi-cloud solutions with integrated portability and security, as well as the ability to quickly deploy applications across cloud infrastructure in a cost-effective manner.”

The flow of application is in the mind. Almost all financial services responders (98%) have moved one or more applications to a new IT space in the last 12 months, from virtual data centers to private cloud based on low cloud access and cloud computing. Fast application development (43%) is often identified as the cause of the movement, closely followed by security (42%), and integration with traditional cloud services (40%).

Higher financial services The IT priorities for the next 12 to 18 months include improving security (54%), improving multi-cloud management (49%), and developing and / or using native cloud technology (47%). When asked what their organizations did differently due to the epidemic, 70% said they had increased spending to strengthen their security, 64% spent more on AI-based self-service automation, and 64% invested money for infrastructure development.

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