‘Fix Right Now!’ Netflix crash angers Stranger Things fans, sparks memefest

‘Fix It Now!’ Netflix crash infuriates Stranger Things fans, sparking memefest

Stranger Things fans around the world were thrilled to watch the final season of the legendary horror story. However, many were disappointed when Netflix crashed as large numbers of fans flocked to the OTT platform on the day of the release. Frustrated by the Netflix crash, they now share funny, related memes on Twitter to express their frustration.

On Friday (July 1), Netflix released the 2nd volume of Stranger Things 4. Many users were confused when they could not access or even download the final episodes of the popular web series. This has led many to flock to various social networks such as Twitter to find out if they are the only ones facing this problem or others are facing this problem.

According to DownDetector, Netflix users were experiencing an app crash. The expiration date website revealed that the exit reached its peak at the same time as Stranger Things was starting.

Several Netflix shared screenshots showing them being greeted with “Error 503” instead of OTT. On the other hand, some have received the message “Network Error” and are asked to try again later.

The issue was not limited to India or any other country. Fans from all over the world have started posting on Twitter expressing their anger. Soon, hashtags such as ‘Netflix down’ and ‘Netflix crash’ began to creep into the microblogging area.

Included with Millie Bobby Brown, Stranger Things is a popular web series that has come to an end. A series of terrifying American science dramas created by the Duffer Brothers is one of the most popular programs in the OTT space.


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