A miniguide to recover Wi-Fi password from an Android smartphone. (Shutterstock)

Forgot your WiFi password? Mini guide to recover Wi-Fi password from Android phone

Remembering strong and cumbersome Wi-Fi passwords is not easy. People often forget their Wi-Fi passwords and it is always preferred to keep passwords that are strong and unguessable. Complex characters in passwords can actually lead to forgetting passwords.
Here is a mini-tutorial on how to recover Wi-Fi password from an Android smartphone.
STEP 1 Open the settings on your Android phone.
STEP 2 Click the Wi-Fi tab.
STEP 3 Select the option of the Wi-Fi network that the user is connected to or the network that has been saved on the device.
STEP 4 Tap the Wi-Fi QR code to continue.
STEP 5 In order to get the password, the screen would need to be unlocked using the phone’s unlock pin, fingerprint or face unlock.
STEP 6 After unlocking the phone, the new screen that opens will show the QR code and Wi-Fi password.
STEP Now it’s easy to connect to the other device by scanning a QR code or using a password.
These steps are useful for users who are currently using Android 10 or later devices. Using these steps, they can check the password of the Wi-Fi network they are connected to.

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