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In this age of globalization, every marketer should go beyond the usual basics of marketing with a focus on conventional brick and mortar stores. It is time for any important retailer to start learning about e-commerce or online marketing. But you do not need to spend a lot of money on your basic eCommerce reading because there are practical ways to collect such important information, and most of it is free. Another great source would be an online marketing blog.

But keep in mind that no two marketing blogs are the same. Simply put, there are those who specialize in online marketing and there are also regular bloggers who try to outdo themselves as professional online marketers. You will need to filter out the noise as they often say and create your own list of trusted vendors and online experts. You can do this by searching the top lists of marketing blogs. If you find a few blogs or more frequently mentioned in the list, it may not be worth your reading time.

Also, you can try to read about business magazines and other online news organizations because whenever they do news they always turn to professionals or experts in the field of marketing to get all their important ideas and take on specific issues. If they are talking or negotiating with an online advertiser, that seller probably has his own blog because it is a basic tool for such marketers to use blogs. Find out what their blog is, visit it and if you think the content can be considered a good read, bookmark it or simply add it to your list of online marketing blogs.

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