Garmin releases new software update with improved health tracking and user experience

Garmin on Friday released new software with improved health monitoring and expanded activity with improved accuracy and user experience

The update includes improvements to advanced sleep tracking, intensity minutes, and fitness age features. It also has an expanded list of sports activities and preferences to enhance the wearable’s everyday usability.

Health monitoring enhancements include advanced sleep tracking, an intensity minutes widget that updates breathing activity, and a breathing and fitness age widget that allows users to view their fitness age in user profiles.

In terms of security improvements, the update adds an incident detection update for activities like walking and hiking. The updates will also include provisions to easily share a current location message with pre-selected contacts in case of an emergency.

However, these updates will only be available on select models.

The update will also expand the list of sports activities with additions including horse riding, tennis, jump rope and improve existing activities such as running, walking and standing detection.

It will also add an update to Up Ahead to support imported GPX file for the latest outdoor line of watches

The latest update from Garmin also comes with interface updates that include improvements to the Garmin Connect app and will add post-activity metrics such as acclimatization, pace, detailed speed, bouldering metrics, strength metrics, and indoor climbing metrics across the corresponding activities.

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