Google Android Ready SE Alliance to press digital keys

Google has set up an Android Ready SE Alliance to offer the newest secure Android hardware. The alliance builds on Google’s pressure for Secure Element (SE), which is also available on Pixel phones via the Titan M chip. Google hopes that SEs will bring features such as digital passports and identity cards to Android devices.

“The main objective of this alliance is to enable apples that are consistent, interactive, and obviously secure across the Android environment. The guaranteed implementation of Android Ready SE applets builds even stronger trust in the Android Platform. OEMs using Android Ready SE can produce more secure devices and allow remote updates to enable new usage cases as they are introduced on the Android platform, ”explains Google on its developer’s help.

The alliance consists of SE vendors and device manufacturers. It aims to speed up the adoption of such technology on Google’s Android platform. Partners will build open and ready-to-use applets with SE-capable chips. The alliance has already launched its first applet with StrongBox. Currently available at Giesecke + Devrient, Kigen, NXP, STMicroelectronics, and Thales.

Google added that StrongBox also applies to WearOS, Android Auto Embedded, and Android TV and is not limited to phones and tablets.

Recognizing that StrongBox and Hardware Optimization is a need for an hour, Google says the technology can be used for digital keys for cars, homes, and offices, mobile phone licenses, national ID, ePassports, and e-money solutions.

“All of these features require the use of tamper-resistant hardware to protect the integrity of system performance and user data, keys, wallet, and more. Many current phones now feature Hardware as opposed to a device called Secure Element (SE). We believe this SE provides the best way to launch these new consumer lawsuits on Android, ”the company adds.

Google goes on to say that it works on a few applets to uninstall some Android features first. Includes mobile driver’s license and proprietary details, and digital car keys.


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