Chrome’s new update has brought in a slew of enhanced features. 

Google Chrome browser update brings new features: What you should know

Google Chrome is updated to version 104.0.5112.81. The new Chrome update has brought a lot of features to help you get the most out of Chrome. The new update will improve your search experience, the tech giant says. Additionally, users would be able to view PDF documents in full screen mode.

Interestingly, the search method seems to have changed. It is often difficult to enter the exact keyword to search for an image in the search box. The browser has the Google Lens function integrated into Chrome, which makes work easier. Click on any image and use the “Search with Google Lens” option to refine your search. Chrome will display image details in a vertical section.

In fact, a part of the image can be selected to search more about it and translate it further. You can see all these options below the image and you can even copy the content. Any textual content can be easily extracted from any image using the lens feature.

In addition, Chrome also offers a “Present” feature that helps remove page distractions and focus on the document. Previously, the only option was to zoom in and zoom out. After the update, one can go to full screen mode using the current feature and read using Chrome’s improvements to be more precise. Use the arrows to go to the next or previous page.

If these features are not visible in the browser, it should be updated. Click the button with three vertical dots to display the context menu. Next, select Help and click About Google Chrome. It will check for updates and then download and install the latest option. A restart or refresh of the browser would reflect the changes.

Meanwhile, Google has removed 1,11,493 pieces of bad content in compliance with the new IT rules in India 2021. The move was taken by Google based on 32,717 complaints filed by users across the country. Content removed by Google was related to copyright, trademark, injunction, sexually explicit content, circumvention, and more. Google added that it had removed 528,846 accounts in the country as part of its automated detection processes.


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