Google Forms will soon allow you to save your input as draft

Google Forms has become an important tool for distributing student assignments and queries around the world as home study became the norm. However, the tool comes with an important problem – it does not allow users to save drafts. In short, users, until now, had to fill out a form and submit it. And if for some reason they were unable to, they should have started filling out the form again. Now, the name says the company has seen the matter and plans to rectify it soon.

Google today launched the beta version of Google Forms. This new version enables users to save drafts for up to 30 days or until the form is completed and submitted by the user.

With this new feature, users will not have to start over if they cannot complete a form or query at once, if they want to switch between multiple devices, or if their internet connection cuts before their responses are sent.

“Next week we’re launching draft Google Forms responses in beta. When you respond to a Google Form Assignment, Questions or Questions class while signing in to your Google Workspace account, your progress will be automatically saved as a 30-day draft from your last schedule or until the form is completed, ”explains Google on the blog posts.

Hosted beta version of Google Forms is only available to Google Workspace for Education customers. Google has said it will release this feature to Google Workspace customers later in the year.


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