Google has a new tool called Threadit similar to TikTok

Google has your new tool very similar to TikTok, but by function. Threadit should make remote operation easier and more efficient and allow users to send small recorded videos, such as Instagram Reels or TikTok, to group members. You can use this to communicate any progress you have made in a project or project that you may be working on with other team members. The new Google tool is available in the browser as well as the Chrome extension.

Google considers videos to be the best way to communicate with other team members, especially those who may find it difficult to express their point in the mail or in a text message.

Threadit also eliminates the need to hold live meetings for video communication and this will allow employees in special areas to work according to their respective times rather than sticking to a one-time location.

“I used to send Threadit to colleagues in Japan during my normal working hours in Seattle; they would respond to the times they served in Tokyo. Threadit has helped us feel as if we are working together in person, or responding to it at various times around the world – creating an email connection that we could not. The best part? No one had to get up early or go to bed at night, ”Keller Smith, Founder and General Manager, Threadit, explained in a post.

Google explained on its blog that Threadit will help you say and show more about the video message compared to what you can forward in an email or chat. And you don’t have to do it live.

You can use Threadit to show other partners how much you have progressed in the project, ask questions and ask for answers without having to combine schedules. The best thing is that it can eliminate the need to hold visible meetings for small discussions. A feature like this also gives users more time to think, work in a more focused way and when a meeting finally needs to be set up, it turns out that it will work better.

Threadit also allows users to record a few clips and combine them to form a single video message, you can also record your screen. Once your video is ready, you can share it with others with the link and anyone you share can respond to the video message when they are ready. All answers will appear as a single conversation.

Google on this blog claims to have built Threadit while working remotely last year and the group in Area 120, which is the Google incubator category, was behind it. The goal was to make remote operations faster and easier.


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