Google has improved privacy to hotword recovery on Android

Google is working on a new process that aims to improve hotword detection on Android smartphones while protecting the privacy of users.

According to an Android police report, Google is introducing a process called federated learning to Google Assistant on Android smartphones. This method is intended to help the company’s corporate assistant find better keywords “Hey Google” or “Ok, Google”, including instances where a hot word is not used, also called false profits.

The report states that some users see a new Help Assistant menu in the Google Assistant app. In this menu there is a conversion button that enables users to collect user recordings with the aim of improving its visual assistant.

The company is also updating its support pages to reflect change. “When Google Assistant is on or off the hook, integrated integrated reading temporarily saves a few of your voice recordings on your device. Through integrated reading, we use this recording to learn how to adjust the Google Auxiliary’s mindset, ”the company wrote on its support page.

“Integrated learning is a way to improve privacy that helps develop machine learning models without the need to send your raw data to Google servers,” the company said.

Google says that as users unlock this switch, integrated reading will keep track of all the devices you use to upgrade the “Hey Google” model for 63 days after which it will be automatically deleted. Under the current settings, this data can be stored for up to 18 months.

That said, this feature is not yet widely available. Available on one device per Google account only.


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