Google announces three new Fitbit offerings for its fall lineup

Google is announcing three new Fitbit offerings for its fall lineup

The three new wearables suit a variety of budgets and users, from stress managers to training athletes.

Google on Wednesday announced three new Fitbit offerings — the Inspire 3, Versa 4 and Sense 2 — as part of a fall lineup that are designed to be slimmer so they can be worn even while you sleep and don’t need daily charging.

In an official post, Director of Product Management TJ Varghese said that the Inspire 3 will be an entry-level device with a color touchscreen and 10-day battery life.

Versa 4 is for exercise lovers, as it offers 6 days of battery life, more than 40 exercise modes and real-time statistics, as well as premium features.

Meanwhile, the most advanced model, Sense 2, has more than 6 days of battery life and monitors the user’s stress management and heart health. The ECG app means the Sense 2 can also detect signs of atrial fibrillation using its sensors and algorithm. 12 minutes of charging gives the device enough power to stay charged for a day, the company claims.

“With the Fitbit app, you can stay motivated and on track with weekly and long-term statistics about your activity, heart health, sleep and stress. Plus, you can track your hydration, menstrual health, mood, nutrition, and glucose levels all in one place,” the report states.

Fitbit Premium, which comes with all device purchases for half a year, includes a daily readiness score, a sleep profile and over 1,000 physical and mental health sessions.

The Versa 4 is priced at $229.95 and the Sense 2 is available for $299.95. The Inspire 3 is available for $99.95.

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