Google is planning a major improvement in photos

Google has released many major updates to Google Photos in the past. This includes extracting a test page and a selection of favorites from the library on the web and the ability to display high-quality images in poor light. Now, reports suggest that the company plans to release a major update to the app soon.

According to an Android Police report, Google is planning a major overhaul of Google Photos. This includes a redesigned user interface and accurate look and gives us the features that were expected. The new design completes the search bar and hamburger menu on top.

Depending on the screenshot shared with the publication, a new interface, a search bar and a hamburger on top have been replaced with the Google Photos logo with profile option. Under this advanced category, the Memory category is followed by the user’s most recent memories. Below this is a redesigned sub-bar, which now includes Images, Search, Personal, Sharing and Library options. Previously this category included photo albums, Personal and Sharing Options.

When you scroll down a bit, users will see certain search terms by category type such as Screenshots, Selfies and videos among other things. Apart from this, users will have easy access to photos just uploaded there.

That is to say, this update is issued as a server-side update. Therefore, not all users can access it immediately.

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