Google Maps gets improved live view, eco-friendly routing in latest update

Google Maps gets improved live view and eco-tracking in the latest update

While live and aerial views have already launched, eco-routing will be available to developers later this year

Google announced last week that it will bring four new features to Google Maps. These updates will include features such as adding aerial views of 250+ landmarks across the site, improving live view and nearby search, and adding green routing for delivery and ride-sharing companies, according to the company’s blog.

An update to the nearby search or “neighborhood vibe” feature will allow users to select a neighborhood and view the most popular places. These will be represented by images directly in the Google Maps application. It will also include 250 photorealistic aerial views of world landmarks around the world. The addition of the aerial view is part of the immersive view that Google announced at its I/O event held earlier this year.

The immersive view will use predictive modeling to learn the historical trends of the site to provide users with the information they may need to plan a visit to these landmarks. In Live View, the updates will add Live View Search, which will be used to find more information about areas around users. This information will include ATMs, coffee shops, grocery stores and public transport stations. It will also include information such as opening hours and how busy the place is at different times of the day.

Live Search will initially launch in cities like London, New York, San Francisco, Paris and Tokyo in the coming months for Android and iOS.

Google also said that its eco-targeting recently launched in the US, Canada and Europe. Green Routing, according to the company’s blog, helps users choose the most fuel-efficient routes using data from the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory and the European Environment Agency.

The company also said the feature will allow delivery and reading sharing service providers to measure fuel consumption and savings on individual vehicle trips, as well as measure these metrics for their entire industries.

Additionally, the feature, which will launch for developers later this year, will allow them to select engine types to get more accurate energy efficiency estimates.


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