Google Maps will soon show travellers the best natural trail

Google Maps has announced that they will soon be launching more than 100 AI improvements on maps to provide accurate, up-to-date information. Among other updates, Google will also introduce a new feature where the software will guide drivers on eco-friendly routes.

These environmentally friendly routes will be indicators that will produce the lowest carbon emissions. Map software will process such things as traffic and slopes.

Google says the new feature will be launched in the United States this year and will eventually be exported to reduce the threat of climate change.

Once released, Google claims that the environmentally friendly route will be default. Maps will automatically default to this low carbon bartprint route if it has a limited arrival time (ETA) as the fastest route. In cases where an eco-friendly route can significantly increase ETA, the app will allow you to compare the CO2 impact associated between the routes so you can choose. If the user always wants a faster route, he can adjust that in Settings.

From Amsterdam to Jakarta, cities around the world have established air-conditioning facilities – facilities that prevent polluting vehicles such as certain diesel vehicles or vehicles with certain exhaust stickers – to help keep the air clean.

To support these efforts, Google Maps works on alerts that help drivers better understand when to leave one of these locations. The driver can quickly determine if his vehicle is allowed in the area, choose another route, or take another route. Warnings for low-release locations begin to be launched in June in Germany, the Netherlands, France, Spain and the UK on Android and iOS, many countries coming soon.

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