Google may make some Pixel phones in India after China COVID-19 disruptions

Google may manufacture some Pixel phones in India after COVID-19 disrupts supplies

The company’s decision to consider India comes amid China’s disruption due to the COVID-19 lockdown and Beijing’s growing tensions with Washington

Recently, Google is becoming known not only for its search service and game store. The Silicon Valley company is now well-known for its impressive smartphones that offer high-quality cameras. Although its Pixel 6a phones arrived in India quite late in July, they have been well received in the country.

The flagship phone offered a pure Android experience with regular security updates and comes with pure Android 12 without any pre-installed apps other than Google’s own. It also means it’s free of bloatware, a problem that plagues several other Android devices.

And just as the company is set to launch its next Pixel 7 smartphone next month, reports have surfaced that the Alphabet-owned company could be manufacturing some of its Pixel phones in India, according to a report by The Information.

The company’s decision to consider India comes amid China’s disruption due to the COVID-19 lockdown and rising tensions between Beijing and Washington. Global supply chains were hit earlier this year when China locked down key technology hub Shanghai due to a surge in COVID-19 cases. Recently, the US banned the export of some high-end chips to China, escalating tensions with the Asian nation.

According to the report, CEO Sundar Pichai unveiled a plan to manufacture the device in India earlier this year, but has yet to make a final decision. If approved, manufacturing operations in India will still require importing components from China.

According to the report, Google has reportedly sought bids from manufacturers in India to produce between 500,000 and one million Pixel smartphones. This could be equivalent to 10 to 20% of estimated annual smartphone production. Another Nikkei report said the search giant is also considering Vietnam as another possible production base.


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