Google Meet extends the free video call until June 2021

Google Meet made unlimited free video calls on the platform until June 2021. The new offer is an extension of the previous offer of a pandemic in which the 60-minute cap was removed from the service. Google Meet users before the epidemic can set up free video calls for up to 60 minutes, after which the calls would end.

Check out the official Google Workspace tweet below.

Previous offers were available to all members of the G-suite, allowing them to make unlimited free video calls up to 24 hours free until March 31, 2021. Now with the extended free time up to June 2021, more users will be able to make longer video conferences on Google Meet without paying premium.

Users will now be able to add up to 100 users to their video conferences. Adding more users will require you to purchase a Google Workspace subscription that will allow you to add up to 250 participants. These participants do not need to be installed on the Google Meet app and can join via a web browser as long as they have a stable and stable network connection.

Rise of video conference applications by 2020

As the epidemic begins to push people to work from home from all over the world, tools like Google Meet, Skype, Zoom and Microsoft Teams quickly jump in popularity. These video meeting tools are convenient office services where users can connect and have meetings in a few simple steps.

In the meantime, video conference tools including Google Meet have been making exciting offers and benefits for their users to attract more participants than their competitors. This includes making unlimited free video calls, using lenses, filters and other things that may attract users.


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