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Google Meet to automatically zoom in on your face for better visibility

Tech giant Google has announced a new feature for Meet users that improves visibility with automatic video framing.

Before a user joins a meeting, Meet automatically frames the video to ensure everyone is equally visible, the company said in a blog post.

There are no motion disturbances that could distract from the subject of the meeting because automatic framing only happens once. However, the video can be manually reframed at any time.

This feature does not have an admin control. By default, this feature is disabled, but the user can turn it on.

The new feature is scheduled for November 2, the company said.

This feature was first announced during Google Cloud Next 2022.

Earlier, the company announced the Meet feature, which allows users to unmute by holding the spacebar and unmute again by releasing it.

The company said it will make it easier for users to participate in their meetings by quickly unmuting to say something.

‘This feature helps in situations where you forget to mute again after turning on yourself. This feature is OFF by default and can be enabled in Google Meet settings,” the company said.

The company said it has changed the way “Hey Google” voice control works for Google Meet hardware devices.

With this update, Google Assistant will only be active when the device is not in a meeting and within 10 minutes of an upcoming meeting.


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