Users will also have instrumental music playing in the background of the memory.

Google Photos adds new features and updates Memories: All the details

Following the introduction of Google Photos’ Memories, it’s being redesigned with a flurry of videos and hints of music. This is not the case as there are new types of memories, styles and the ability to share user memories with others. Interestingly, Google has also added a new collage editor.

First introduced in 2019, Google Memories takes users back in time and shows them old pictures taken on the same day or on a special occasion. Although it only included photos, Memories would now also display the user’s videos.

According to Google, Photos will select and crop the best clips from videos that users recorded that day and display them in Memories. The images will have a subtle zoom-in and zoom-out effect at the same time. In addition, instrumental music will also play in the background of the memory for users. If users couldn’t figure out the similarity, there will be a swipe up/down gesture to move between different memories.

Plus, there’s a new scrapbook-inspired feature, Styles coming to Memories. Users can also share their entire memories with others.

As a reminder, Cinematic Photos is one of the most saved visual effects of all in Google Photos since its introduction. This feature extends to Memories, so users will see Cinematic Memories including a bunch of old photos with a cinematic effect and Google Photos music.

Interestingly, with the collage editor now, users can easily create collages and share them with others. Select photos, design and create a collage. Users can also edit layouts and even photos right from within the collage itself. Google One subscribers get access to 30 more designs and more editing features.

In another development, Alphabet’s Google has made some changes to its Photos app for Android and iPhone users. In fact, Google renamed the “Archive” option to “Hidden” in Google Photos for iOS. This tool helps users to hide videos and images from the main channel. Moreover, the tech giant has also added some additions to the dashboard for Android users.

According to a report from 9to5Google, iPhone users are receiving a new prompt to update Google Photos for iOS to version 6.1. This prompt reads “Archive is now called hidden,” confirming that Google has renamed the Archive section to Hidden for the iOS app.


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