Google Photos ‘In the Spotlight’ feature to many users

Looks like Google wants to keep reminding you of your old photos and letting you know too. A few days ago it introduced the ‘Cheers’ feature to Google Photos for more users and now we’ve started releasing the ‘In the Spotlight’ feature to more users as well. The feature selects the best photos automatically and makes the Instagram-like story slider stand out from it. However, the only big difference here is that it only takes those pictures that show the stage and the crowd, something we often see during music and games.

As stated in the Android Police report, the new ‘Light’ feature in Google Photos does not seem to be tied to a particular version. And the feature can only appear if Google finds enough photos of the stage, your list of photos.

This is one of the features that Google brings to many users this year. It can be considered a company effort to offer the highest value to users before it stops downloading ”˜High-Quality’ free downloads and starts cutting space from your Google Drive.

In a related book, the rumoured Pixel 5a may have lost one of its most important features – Google Top Image Uploading. One of Google’s executives has now confirmed that Pixel 2 to Pixel 5 users will continue to download ‘High Quality’ as free and unlimited, even after June. However, this will not be the case with ‘Future Pixels’ and perhaps OEM handsets for Android.

While this may be good news for current Pixel users, it could also force many people to hold hands-on older Pixel smartphones. Another thing to note is that as future Pixel phones do not get this feature, it may not make Pixel 5a (whenever it launches) as popular.

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