Google Photos lens now allows for easy text detection

The Google Lens tool is used by many people to quickly take a picture of something and get the same quick information. Now, if you are also a Google Photos user, it is easy to use Google Lens. Google recently introduced new tools that continue to integrate Google images with Google lenses.

New tools allow you to use Google Lens on an already clicked image to retrieve text. While these features were previously available in the Google Lens app, they can now be easily applied to Google Photos.

When a certain text appears in your photos (when you open it in Google Photos), the app will highlight the text in blue and let you select it by tapping on it. Once selected, users will be able to translate directly, copy text, read it aloud and directly from the photo app. Options for these actions will appear at the bottom of the screen.

How to get text on Google Photos

With the new update, Google Photos users will be able to receive text directly from the app. To do this, first, open Google Photos and open the exact image from which you want to extract text. The clearer the image and text you are in, the better.

Once the image is open, you will find text objects highlighted in blue. Tap on this blue text and you should see options that you can copy, search, translate and play aloud in the box at the bottom of the screen. Alternatively, you can also go to the image details and scroll down to find the ‘Search within this image’ section, where similar text items and similar options will appear.

Google Photos is the latest app in Google’s arsenal of lens performance integration. Google Camera and Google Search app previously installed Google Lens functionality. According to an Android Police report, these new features have been added to Google Photos in recent weeks, even though the exact date is not yet known.


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