Google Photos now has labels under the icons in Media Viewer

The Google Photos app will soon be updated to include labels under the icons in the media viewer, according to reports. In future updates, there are no new features other than these labels that should help users understand what they represent, at best.

This new feature is already available on the new Pixel and OnePlus Smartphones and is expected to be released on multiple devices soon.

Google previously included a lens feature in its Google Photos app Google Photos allows users to access the gallery on their devices and additional functions such as editing and sharing these photos are also possible in the app.

Reports say that Google is labeling options that appear in the media viewer in the Google, Share, Google Lens and Delete photo editing app will make sports labels under them define their functions once the update is out.

This new update is visible on Pixel and OnePlus smartphones with v5.34 graphics app. It should arrive on other phones soon as the feature is still being tested by A / B, Android police said in a statement.

The main idea after the update is to make the Google Photos app easier to use.

The Google Photos app was recently updated to bring Google Lens integration that will allow users to scan images directly from their gallery. Google lenses allow you to scan text images and other objects and help users search Google to find relevant information about images and text.

Google Web Photos also finds a new Explanation tab that combines user photos by faces, locations, and objects. The app also finds a dedicated favorites tab in the library section. Apart from this, Google Photos now allows users to zoom in or out of videos with a double tap or touch screen.


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