Google Stack is a different ‘CamScanner’ method

Google has released a new app that allows users to scan and keep their documents organized. Called Google Stack, the new tool offers features similar to those of popular document scanning apps like CamScanner and Microsoft Lens. developed under Google’s Area 120 category, Stack is only available for Android devices at the moment and is currently only available in the US.

“I joined Google a few years ago at the start of my education, Democratic. At Socratic, we have used Google’s computer vision and language comprehension to make learning easier for high school students. I was wondering if we could use the same technology to make editing documents easier, ”Christopher Pedregal, Stack Team Leader, said in a new statement on the blog.

Pedregal added that the Stack app will be able to scan bills, documents and receipts, and convert them into PDFs. The app will be able to automatically compose new files. Some features enable you to search for something in scanned documents. A face lock or finger lock will also be added to the Stack to protect your documents from unauthorized access.

Google Stack will also keep a copy of your data backed up in Google Drive for easy access in case users stop using Stack in the future. Note that the app is still in the early stages of its development. This means that it may be some time before we can use the uninterrupted version of Google Stack.

How to get Google Stack right now

If you are using an Android device, you can easily download Google Stack from the Google Play Store if you are in the US. If you are from other regions including India, you will have to wait until Google makes the app available in your regions. The same goes for iOS users who want to give Stack a shot.

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