Google trying to get apps install faster on Android devices

There are at least any small apps these days. Most of them seem to grow in just a day and take up your smartphone space and pierce your data system. Google has tried to fix this issue with its app bulk.

Lots of Google Apps is a program that allows developers to build multiple versions of their apps for different devices depending on their configuration and Google Play Store can download the appropriate APK to the user’s phone accordingly.

Google now wants to keep things as simple as installing and opening these apps related to “App install optimization”. This will research which part of the app is first used when it first opens and then use that data to improve the process of updating and launching the app, reports Android Police.

The app installation is not available in the Google Play Store yet, however, 9to5Google has seen a document supporting the live feature.

When you open an app for the first time, Google will check which app features you use and which ones you don’t. This can best be explained by example – when you download and open Instagram for the first time, most users spend the first 10 minutes still setting up their profiles and making friends. If this is what most users do, Google Play Store will download that part of the app first so you can continue. The mailing tools and news viewer in the app will remain uninstalled until you try to use them or until your connection is established.

Data like this can be used to improve resource management on your device. Instead of opening the entire app in RAM, your smartphone can only load the parts you use the most and thus reduce the load on the processor and the amount of RAM needed.

This data is collected and read in accordance with Google’s existing privacy policy on your personal information is not used and nothing other than the app will be monitored or analyzed. No information about downloads or uploads to the app will be collected or monitored so any posts you watch or do will not be sent to Google for review.

When this installation application is available, Google will allow users to exit this process if they wish. To do that, you’ll need to open the Google Play Store settings page and turn off the feature there.

What it turns out to do will disable your usage analysis, however, you will continue to benefit from faster app loading times based on third-party usage data. According to 9to5Google, the 25.5.13 version of Google Play Store includes feature indicators, so we can expect to see it available soon.


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