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Google will block third-party call recording apps from the Google Play Store tonight

As previously reported by us, Google is reviewing its Google Play Store Policy which will block third-party call recording apps from Google Play Store from today. Changes to the Google Play Policy seen earlier on Reddit by user / u / NLL-APPS mean that there will be some restrictions on access to Developer Accessibility API.

In simple words, apps that come pre-installed on your phone will not be affected by these new changes in the Google Code of Conduct but will only be limited to apps listed on the Google Play Store which are third-party apps.

According to 9to5Google, this has been used as a tool to enable remote audio recording of calls, but Google will not allow apps listed in the Google Play Store to use Accessibility Service from May 11. In addition, Google also cleared any confusion about this policy. changes to developer’s web developer web.

“This policy change will only affect third-party applications in the Google Play Store. Many automated dialing apps such as Google Phone, Mi Dialer, and others have a native call recording function built into certain devices. Those automated dialing apps for devices like Pixel and Xiaomi Smartphones will not be affected by change, ”writes 9to5Google.

It means that if you are able to record calls using your pre-installed dialing system, you will not lose performance. However, if you are using an app downloaded from the Google Play Store, call recording may not be possible.

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