Google to donate 30,000 Pixel phones; refugees from 2 countries to benefit

Google will donate 30,000 Pixel phones; refugees from 2 countries to benefit

Google CEO Sundar Pichai has announced a major donation of 30,000 Pixel phones to Ukrainian and Afghan refugees living in the United States. Additionally, the CEO of the search engine has announced USD 1 million for advertising and sponsorship of the search. According to reports, Sundar Pichai made the donation under the Welcome.US CEO Council. In his official Twitter account, Sundar Pichai shared a tweet confirming the news, according to Mashable.

“Tools like Google Translate help refugees connect with their new communities. Today we are donating another 20,000 Pixel phones to @ welcomeus so that more Ukrainian and Afghan immigrants feel at home in the US,” read Twitter by Sundar Pichai.

In addition, the company revealed in an official blog post that Sundar Pichai has provided 30,000 Pixel phones to refugees. The first 17 beneficiaries of the Google Ukraine Support Fund were confirmed in May this year. Recipients will receive financial support and advice from the search giant to get started. The program will help recipients connect with the right people and start getting started early.

The blog post also adds, “YouTube has partnered with UNHCR and Welcome.US to raise awareness of the number of communities affected by refugee crisis, from Syria to Venezuela to the Democratic Republic of Congo, and to support refugee migration around the world.”

It seems that Google is trying to provide all kinds of support for refugees and help them grow into a new world. It would be nice to see what else Google will add in the coming months to improve support.


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