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Google will shut down the entire Assistant Driving Mode panel, which was launched in 2019

Tech giant Google has announced that it will shut down the Assistant Driving Mode Dashboard, which was announced at its I/O developer conference in 2019.

Google will shut down the entire Assistant Driving Mode Dashboard on November 21, 9To5Google reports.

Driving Mode, another name for the car-optimized experience in Google Maps for Android, will continue to exist, the report said.

Shortcuts for calls and messages are included on the home screen, along with audio controls and media options.

Shortcuts are available after starting navigation navigation. It has a black bar with Assistant access and a grid of app icons for YouTube Music, Google Podcasts and other compatible streaming services.

“Voice shortcuts are also available for calling and texting. Compared to the Driving Mode Dashboard, it’s significantly more straightforward,” the report said.

With this change, Google now no longer has a direct successor to Android Auto for phone screens, the report added.

In 2019, Google announced that it would introduce a voice driving mode in the Assistant that would not only customize suggestions for navigation, messages, calls and media, but also bring all relevant activities to the fore.

Driving mode would be triggered in the Assistant as soon as the user connects their phone to the car’s Bluetooth.

If the user’s phone isn’t connected to the vehicle, it could say, “Hey Google, let’s drive.”

In addition to the driving mode, Google also announced that it will allow the Assistant to be used to control cars remotely — as if users could ask Google to adjust the car’s temperature before the driver gets in.


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