Here’s how Facebook is a way to test users’ revenue

A major US social media platform, Facebook is paving the way for its users to make money with its news sharing feature.

Facebook, which introduced the news on its platform four years ago, is preparing to launch a new way for its users to monetize by placing ads that look like stickers on their news and get a reduction in revenue.

According to The Verge, the first test conducted by the same Facebook is very small, but it is hoped that it will soon expand and apply technology to all short-form videos on Facebook. In an interview with The Verge, Yoav Arnstein, director of product management, said, “I can’t share with creator or advertiser partners because testing is in the first phase of the concept.”

He explained that the broader idea, after all, is to give advertisers a natural place to match their content, so, for example, if someone writes a video from Yosemite National Park, a sticker can advertise a local business.

News stickers are just one of many organizational updates to its creator platform. It also makes its standard in-stream promotions accessible for short videos.

Verge previously, clips of three minutes or more may be able to adapt to these ads, but now, one-minute recording can be upgraded, which will be included in 30 seconds of content. A recording of more than three minutes can set a boost when 45 seconds enter the system.

To meet all the needs of these in-stream ads, stream pages must have a total of 600,000 minutes viewed in any video upload combination – on request, live, and already live – in the last 60 days, as well as uploads of five or more active videos or live videos previously.

In the meantime, live video, producers currently have to have 60,000 live minutes seen in the last 60 days to adapt to the in-stream promotion, as well as to meet the needs of the program that requires video.

According to The Verge, Facebook is also spending USD7 million to upgrade its Stars feature, which allows viewers of the live content tip with visible stars, each paying a penny maker. The organization will make free stars accessible during certain live streams, and viewers will then be able to post historic broadcasters. The group will similarly introduce grants that can be sent by viewers.

All of these ads undoubtedly estimate that Facebook may need to sync monetize with creator content as much as possible through ads. News Sticker may have a much larger variety, especially Instagram, and can introduce a less targeted world to full-screen ads and more to the content itself.


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