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Hidden changes in Windows 11 Build 25314 (Canary) and 23403 (Dev)

Insider builds of Windows 11 often have several new features and changes that are disabled by default because they are not finalized and not yet ready for public testing. But this information sheds light on Microsoft’s plans for further development of the operating system.

In this article, you’ll learn about a few hidden new features in Windows 11 Build 25314 (Canary) and 23403 (Dev), which was released on March 8, 2023. Thanks for the user information. PhantomOcean3, Albacore, Xeno and portal Winaero.

Disable grouping of icons on the taskbar

It looks like in the future users will be able to disable grouping of icons on the taskbar and enable the display of window titles next to running applications. These features were present in previous versions of Windows, but they were dropped during the development of Windows 11.

The following resources were found in build code 25314:

  • DesktopTaskbar_GroupingMode
  • DesktopTaskbar_ShowLabels
  • SystemSettings_DesktopTaskbar_GroupingMode
  • SystemSettings_DesktopTaskbar_ShowLabels
  • SystemSettings_DesktopTaskbar_SecondaryMonitorsGroupingMode

Accessing Cloud PC via Task View

The latest Insider builds of Windows 11 introduced an early implementation of the Cloud PC integration with Task View. If you enable this feature in the system settings, then using the “Task View” (WIN + Tab) you can quickly access the Cloud PC session in the cloud. This feature will be useful for corporate clients using this service.

Of course, the innovation is still in development, so it is not yet possible to fully evaluate its work.

Restoring components and system files

In the future, Windows 11 will allow you to reinstall the current build of the operating system to fix component and system file corruption. Applications, settings and user files will not be affected.

Settings section for USB4 devices

In general, the name speaks for itself. A separate page for managing USB4 devices will appear in the Settings app. It is still difficult to demonstrate its capabilities, since there are still quite few USB4 devices on the market.

Windows App SDK-Based File Explorer Improvements

Microsoft continues to work on a new version of File Explorer based on the Windows App SDK. There have been some visual changes seen in these builds, which you can watch in the video below.

Support for installing Windows on ReFS

Apparently, the next version of Windows will support installing the operating system on a partition with the ReFS file system. Simply put, another hint at Windows 12, which may be released in 2024.


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